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To See

Let's talk about the title of this blog- "To See and Be Seen".  Today, we will talk about "To See" and next time we will talk about "and Be Seen" .  In our context, "To See" has a few meanings.  First, in order to see, light has to be present- right?? You simply cannot see in darkness. It stands to reason that the best light, the truest light, comes from the creator of light

"To See" also means to see ourselves as we actually are- human, with real weaknesses and real strengths.  It's kind of easy to look at our strengths, but can we see those things that we would rather not look at... those thoughts, words, even actions that we think no one knows about?  Those addictions, those things we do when our door is closed tightly and we are all alone- those things.  That sadness, that worry, that fear- those things.  We push them away and try so hard to hide them until we simply do not see them anymore.  Those things. The really interesting thing is that the creator that we talked about a minute ago, is Love.  He  Is  Love.  He doesn't "have " Love - He "IS" Love. The kind of Love that allows us to show who we actually are and He Loves us anyway.  What???  Oh My!  We have so much to talk about!

Finally, "To See" means to see other people with grace and love (BTW-it's easier, once you truly see yourself).  My sweet Mom had this down.  She wasn't loud or showy- in fact the opposite- but she truly saw people through the eyes of grace and love.  And that, my friends, is because she spent up close and personal time with the creator that Is Love. Next time- "Be Seen".  See you then, Cathy


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