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The Stage-Part 3

If the world is a stage,

I'm destined to be a character actress-or get out of the business.

Sometimes it seems smartest to turn in my thespian pin. 

But that would be running,

wouldn't it?

If I can just keep my portrayal

an important character-

to someone...

Cathy Hartley (Sometime in the 1980s)

If I can just keep my portrayal an important character-to someone...

Let's talk loneliness.  Before we do, though, I must straight-out confess that I may or may not have done some scary and destructive things that have been motivated by loneliness.  You have probably never allowed people access to your deep, dark places and they proved unworthy of that trust- in the name of loneliness.  You would never, ever tell someone an intimate detail (maybe even "stretching" the truth) just so they would find you interesting-to avoid loneliness.  And, of course, you would not think of agreeing with or laughing at ideas, issues or people that war with your conscience-to escape loneliness. Nope!  Me neither.

One of my constant companions used to be a scorchingly sad song, Alone Again, by Gilbert O'Sullivan-look it up- it saaaaddd.  I almost always felt alone- didn't matter if I was in the company of a few people, lots of people or no people. I always FELT alone.   The kind of alone that creates a voracious hole that seemingly nothing and no one could fill.  The kind of hole that drives you to scary and destructive behavior.

And then, one day I met a man.  A man that spoke truth to my damaged soul, showed me love without limit and filled every lonely hole.  I can, without reservation tell you that from the moment that I met him until this day, I have not experienced the wounding power of loneliness.  Honestly!  No loneliness.

His name is Jesus. He sees you.

Talk Later, Cathy

For the story of how I met Him, read my previous blog, Eyes of Love (May 27, 2017)


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