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The Stage-Part 2

If the world is a stage,

I'm destined to be a character actress-or

get out of the business.

Sometimes it seems smartest to turn in my thespian pin. 

But that would be running,

wouldn't it?

If I can just keep my portrayal

an important character-

to someone...

Cathy Hartley (Sometime in the 1980s)

I know, I know- this is bleak and maybe overly dramatic.  I did tell you, however, that I have been called, "Dolly Dramatic".   I also know that this is written by someone that is desperate for validation-ANY validation.  This is the form of desperation that simply cannot be denied any longer and presses a person toward a final precipice.  A precipice from which there is no return.  It seems like there is no other way- no other choice.  All hope is lost.  I know because I have felt the press, I've heard the voices and I've come very close to that precipice.  The temptation is real. Quit...Check out...Turn in your thespian pin...

Would you look at the third sentence above?

But that would be running,

wouldn't it?

The most important take-away from this is that a choice was made- a choice not to run-not to quit-not to check out.  Please hear me.  If I made that choice, so can you.  You can choose life.  You have something important to say.  You have the potential to help someone else.  You have value.    If you are thinking about ending your life, please reach out to someone- right now.  Call, text, whatever.  Just reach out and tell someone that you want to quit.  Get help.

AND If someone reaches out to you, please do not blow it off.  Please do not ignore their cry.  Go help.

Your life matters and I see you.



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