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The Stage-Part 1

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

If the world is a stage,

I'm destined to be a character actress-or

get out of the business.

Sometimes it seems smartest to turn in my thespian pin. 

But that would be running,

wouldn't it?

If I can just keep my portrayal

an important character-

to someone...

Can you hear the cry in this? Can you see the desperate emptiness?  This author is begging for someone to pay attention- begging for someone to "see"  her and validate her worth.  How do I know that?  The author of this piece is me. I wrote it eons ago and it's taken me a very long time to work my way to  better soul health.  May I share some of that work with you?

First, with all due respect to The Bard, all of the world is NOT a stage!  If it were, we would live only to be seen by other people and that, my dears, is a shallow motivator.

Applause sustains those that live on the stage . Living on the stage demands changing our "masks" to fit the likes and approval of those watching.  If we change masks often enough, we are in danger of forgetting what is real and what is not-often becoming a fake image of our true self, leading to desperation and emptiness.

Again I ask, how do I know that?  Living to be seen by and for the approval of other people, left me with the above contemplation .  That desperation finally led me to ask the question, "Who are you when the stage lights are off and there is nobody around to impress?".  I dare you to ask

More later,



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