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Still Good

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Anyone else having a hard time staying positive these days? Hmmm? It is oh-so-easy and tempting to listen to all of the voices telling us what to do and how to think and feel. Stay isolated- No! Do not stay isolated! Wear a mask-No! Masks do no good! Much of this Covid19 frenzy is a conspiracy- No! Conspiracy theorists are idiots! Some say that you are a fear-monger if you treat this threat very seriously and some say that you are uncaring of others if you don't. So Many Voices...

In a conversation with an M.D. the other day, he said that decisions are going from being regulated by the government to each individual making their own decision regarding their health (hmmm- interesting concept).

But, where does that leave us? Who knows?

I believe this leaves us in a spectacular position search for good in the midst of crisis. Let's look for peace. Let's look for beauty. Let's appreciate all the helpers and look to BE a helper. Let's look for opportunity to be grateful for what we have. Finally, this is an amazing opportunity to ask for the help of The One that does know. God sees you and knows the answers to your tomorrows- if we can just learn to listen. His voice is the one true voice and He is still good.



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