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Puddle Cakes

So, I just finished this cake to take to a family gathering today.  It's strawberry and I'm sure it tastes fabulous!  Now, any bakers out there will recognize that something went awry with the frosting on this cake.  I was trying to decide whether to take it or not and since I am supposed to take a desert and I have nothing else, I guess the cake will go (to the party-not in the garbage).

As I was looking at this thing and fretting about it's future, it dawned on me!  I know!  I will simply call it a "puddle cake" and try to convince anyone within earshot that "puddle cakes" are the very latest and greatest in moist and tasty cakes! I'm forever saying my baked goods are too dry, anyway... "Puddle Cakes"-Everyone is making them.

Then I realized.  We do that in life, don't we?  Things do not go the way we planned, or we make a mistake (in this case too many wet strawberries in the mix), and instead of simply owning the truth of our missteps or bad decisions, we try to adjust not only our own view, but others as well.  We often try to convince ourselves and others that things are exactly as they are supposed to be, when in truth they are a mess.. a sticky, runny mess.  Iyanla Vanzant has a wonderful saying, "Call a thing a thing".  Sometimes we simply need to "call a thing a thing". But today?  It's a puddle cake.    Cathy

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