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My sister drove away a few days ago to begin life (retirement life) in the big state of Texas.  I could not help but feel that we were losing part of us, but I also get that she needs to do what she needs to do, to move forward in her life.  My brother was driving her down and as we

gathered around them to pray for the trip, we prayed the usual stuff. You know, safety, clear minds as they drove, protection, etc...etc...  I  choked up as I prayed for her and the new life that she was beginning.  These words came out of my mouth, "Lord, cause her to see that as long as she has breath, you have a plan for her life."  It was the truth of that statement that caused me to tear up.   As long as you have life, there is a divine plan for you.  No- Really! Divine plan- you. The question is not if there is the plan, but do we want to know what that plan is?  Do we dare to know what that plan is? Do we want to live so that when this life is over, it has mattered that we were here?  One sure way to make certain that happens is to live according to the plan of the Loving Creator that we talked about a few blogs ago.  And that plan?  It's good and it's just yours.  His plan for you is not His plan for me (you may want to take a minute to thankful for that :) ). See You Later, Cathy


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