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Me! Me! Me!!!

Is all the self-promotion really necessary? No, I'm really asking- is it needed??

As I am starting down the blog road, this essentially shy introvert needs to know. In the culture and age that we live, do we have to self-promote in order for our noise to be heard above all the other noise?  If we are truly going to be seen, do we have to scream, "Me! Me! Me!!!"?  Look at me!!  I know, I have heard the voices that say that you have to represent and I suppose on some level, we do have to make ourselves available to be found, but how much?  How much do we expose? How much do we market, advertise and boost??  I don't know the answer, but I think (know?) that there may just be a few too many selfies out there.  There may be just a few too many fingers pointed at "Me! Me! Me!!!".  I also know that there are many reasons for this, but could one of those reasons be our need to "be seen"?  Someone notice me, please?  Would someone please recognize that I have real, genuine value- beyond what I do or what I produce.  Me- I have worth- please see me. OK- I have an idea (It's brilliant ;). Just for today, let's declare a moratorium on self-promotion.  Just for today (and maybe for a a few more days) let's refocus our eyes. Let's stop the self-promotion

and do otherpeople-promotion.   What would social media look like if we,  just for today, think about and talk about them? Their funnies and their families Their thoughts, ideas and feelings (including discouragements and hurts) Their (or their kids) achievements Their travels, decor, food, gifts... their anything... Go ahead-on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype or face-to-face, I am challenging us to advertise, market and boost someone else. Tell them that you see them and that they are worth the applause.   Cathy


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