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Let's Walk Together

Updated: May 14, 2020

I'm glad that you are joining me on this journey! I have so much to tell you, but first, let me tell you just three things. First, let me tell you about you- the people that that I am writing to. Then, I will tell you a little about me and then, let's talk about us.

First, you. I'm writing to a very specific group. This group includes all of those that struggle to "fit in". The ones that just cannot seem to be "enough"... not good enough, not pretty enough, not funny enough, not smart enough, certainly not thin enough, not enough! Oh, there may be moments that you feel almost there- you're almost "in the club", but that moment is fleeting and you mostly feel like you cannot quite measure up. This group also includes people that have made so many mistakes in life that it's sometimes hard to think that there could be the promise of a worthwhile future. Finally, I'm writing to those that often feel very alone. Even in a group of people that you know love you, even with people that know you best- you wonder sometimes, "do I matter?".

Next, let me tell you about me. Oh, wait- I just did. I am you. After many years, many miles, many experiences, much laughter and many many tears, I still find myself sometimes struggling with these same issues. This, my dears, is why I think that I have a bit to share with you. Thank you for taking the time to listen.

Now, about us. Let's walk together a while. The goal of this blog is to create a safe place for us to be us. Truly, totally and completely us. Now, I know that is not always pretty, but let's have a safe place and safe conversation in which we may not always agree, but we will respect each other as we work toward seeing and being seen- in all of our flawed and failed humanity.


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