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And Be Seen

Raise your hand if you have ever... Felt totally invisible.  

Ever walked into a room to have not one person glance in your direction.  Thought that if you were not around, not one person would notice.  Even worse, have you actually thought that you were invisible?? When I was younger (and single :) ) , a good-looking guy was flirting with me.  I know now that he was talking to me, um, because there was no one else there! But at the time, I did not respond because I did not think that it was even possible that such a guy would/could be talking to me. He finally left and I was confused by the unkind words he was saying about me under his breath. The truth is that we all want, even need, to be seen.  But in order to truly be seen, we have to be willing to show ourselves and believe that we are worth seeing.  Believe that we have the divine right to exist- no wait- not just to exist, but to thrive, to prosper, to be well (another thing that we will talk more about in the future).  But, to be willing to show ourselves means that we have to trust the people that are looking.  We have to trust that they will love us, no matter what they see. That they will look with eyes of love- not criticism, not disapproval- but eyes of love.  Now. it has to be said that we cannot possibly agree with and approve of everything that people do, but what if we could love them anyway?  And I'm not saying that it's always easy. but what would our world look like if love became the norm?? I can only imagine... By that way, that is exactly what happened in my life one day, and I can't wait to tell you about it next time.  See you then.  Cathy


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