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I have a cup at work that has these words written on it, "Dolly Dramatic".  Now, you need to understand that I did not choose that name for myself.  I do not think that I am overly dramatic.  Yes, I am drawn to shiny things (including gold lame).  Yes, I do love a good drama now and then, and have even been known to emphasize certain words and creatively use my hands when expressing myself, even with an occasional wrist held to my forehead.  Yes, I did some amateur acting in college,  but overly dramatic? No!

I did not choose the cup or the name, but when my sister randomly chose it for me, I realized I had to own it.  Here is my question for you.  What would your cup say?  If people around you gave you a name, what would it be?

Sarah Sass?  Francesca Fierce?  Connor Careless? Layne Late?

Whatever that is, own it.  But also recognize that where you start is not necessarily where you end up.  We get to choose so much of how people perceive us.  I love this quote (not sure whom to thank for it), "Before you choose your behavior, choose your desired outcome".

I understand from some well-meaning loved ones, that my possible dramatic tendencies may or may not be, at times, well... annoying.  In fact, the same sister that gave me the name tells me that she occasionally wants to push me down.  Now, how is that for some sisterly love??  So, in an effort to stay upright I try- I really try- to keep the over-the-top drama in check.  Now, if I could only get someone to define over-the-top drama for me :) .

See You Next Time, Cathy


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